Where I embark on a journey to spend less money by focusing on tools and toys I bought in the past.

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This page was created with the intention of eliminating waste.  In my mind, there are two kinds of personal waste:  the things we buy that have no functional value and the things that we buy that with the intention of using them later.  The former is different for every person, but these items are mainly to fill space, whether physically or emotionally.  They are the items we buy for aesthetic purposes such as art and knicknacks, or in my case, statues of Star Wars characters.  Although I may slip on occasion, I have largely eliminated these types of purchases.  My focus for this page is to use the items that I have bought with the intention of using later.  Again, this is different for everyone.  If you look around, you can probably see numerous things that fit this description.  Whether it was that article of clothing that you have never worn or the kitchen tool that is sitting in your drawer or cabinet that you have never used.  In this section I will be concentrating on the items that I can devote a good amount of time and pass along anything that I have learned.  It may be a piece of software, a technical book or an aforementioned appliance.  It will be primarily tech-related, but can be anything that needs a chance to see if it will fit into my daily life.  These are the items that sat on my periphery, never used and only sometimes thought about.  Hence, the name of this section: The Fringe.  This name is both an homage to one of my favorite shows as well as an appropriate description of these items in my life.  They are at the fringe of my existence and my goal is to figure out how to use them properly or get rid of them.  This is my wholehearted effort to save money as well as eliminate waste.