10.29.2014 - Different Top 5 format this week with What to Expect When You Marry Into A Chinese/Italian Family

10.20.14 - Created '14-15 Knicks-a-metrics site.  Can't wait!

10.13.14 - Updated the final standings from last year and cleaned up the site.  Excited for the Knicks 2014-2015 season.

10.07.2014 - Top 5 New Shows This Season So Far

09.30.2014 - Top 5 Anti-Cancer Recipes We Made This Summer

09.23.2014 - Top 5 Destinations We Have Never Been

09.16.2014 - Top 5 Comedies

09.15.2014 - Latest set of pictures.  Sunsets in Canton

09.09.2014 - Top 5 Brands in the Home

09.02.2014 - Top 5 Shows That Lasted One Season

08.28.2014 - Designed and implemented new home page, along with new channel, "Top 5"

08.10.2014 - Updated the pics page. We covered 6 months of backlog in pictures.

02.04.2014 - Pics page update

12.27.2013 - Updated the Knicks page, with standings and schedule. We honored our first KMOTM for the 2013-14 season. Justin took the first month. Also updated Mike's page from last year.

12.15.2013 - Updated Knicks page and holiday pictures from Thanksgiving and the first annual Chou holiday party

11.17.2013 - Updated the Knicks page. Justin is currently in first! We also went to Disney. It was Max's 4th time. Pictures can be found here.

10.28.2013 - Getting ready for the upcoming Knicks season. Updated last season's standings on the 2012-13 page. And created new pages for the 2013-2014 season.

10.20.2013 - Latest pictures of Max posted. There are a number of galleries that were posted. It was Max's 2nd birthday!

10.20.2013 - For our 2013 project commemorating Max's 2nd birthday, we decided to paint the cartoon versions of Max and Snoop. You can see it on our projects page.

03.02.2013 - Latest pictures of Max posted. There are a total of 3 galleries. Max has been grouping objects lately. The third gallery shows a few of his more interesting ones. For Christmas, we ordered DNA profiles for our whole family. Check it out on the projects page.

01.19.2013 - New pictures of Max

01.19.2013 - Our New Year's Eve meal starred truffles from Sabatino.

01.10.2013 - A few new pictures of Max and Snoop hanging out around the house.

12.30.2012 - 3 new galleries with Max and the family. We celebrated Christmas and Max received many gifts. He was happy.

12.16.2012 - Many updates! 2 new picture galleries. The K-Gang page was updated with the newest standings. We also completed a new project

11.21.2012 - Final few days at Disney. 4 new galleries are here. Also updated the K-Gang page. A lot of activity and Justin has a huge streak going.

11.16.2012 - Week at Disney. We went to the Grand Floridian, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. Disney is all decked out for Christmas. Max sleeps a lot during our trips.

11.04.2012 - Updated the Knicks page with our new K(nicksametrics) Gang contest. Here we battle against each other to figure out who is best at picking against the spread.

10.28.2012 - Updated Amuse Bouche with Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is an iced coffee in a can that I enjoyed in my youth. For some reason, I cannot get enough of this drink. It is probably so bad for me.

10.27.2012 - Finally caught up with all the pictures we took these past few weeks.

10.25.2012 - Updated the picture with Charlotte and Evelyn as well as correcting a few mistakes.  Also started a contest on the Knicks page.  Check it out and join if interested.

10.15.2012 - For Max's birthday, we created two picture for everyone to add. Check it out here. If your face is not here, be sure to send it to us at MaLaJaS@outlook.com. All friends and family are welcome!

08.11.2012 - 5 new galleries added including Max's first haircut: www.malajas.com/maxs-pictures

08.02.2012 - Checking in with my thoughts on the Knicks. Looked at some of the offseason moves and looked to the future. I am keeping my eye on you, Steven A. Smith.

07.29.2012 - Took a brief hiatus. Posted the rest of the vacation pictures. There are 8 entries this time. Amazingly, Max enjoyed seeing all the characters. Take a look here.

07.03.2012 - Arrived in Disney and took a lot of pictures. There are 4 pictures sets to view. Take a look here.

07.01.2012 - We are on our way to Disney World. We drove through a storm in the mid-Atlantic. Then one caught up with us in Virginia Beach and now Savannah, Georgia. It has been an interesting ride. Thankfully, we missed all the bad parts.

06.24.2012 - Another day at the pool for Max. What a life he enjoys, going to the pool a few days a week. We also enjoyed a summer storm and sat through it on our balcony. Max was intrigued but Snoop was not. See the two posts here.

06.20.2012 - Posted a video of Max on a swing when he went to Sophia's birthday party. He enjoys it waaaay too much.

06.17.2012 - Update the Fringe. I take a look at the software that has created many of the images on this website.

06.17.2012 - Knicks blog. I get in a post right before game 3 of the Finals and also look into the NBA Finals curse for the losing team.

06.17.2012 - Lani was nice enough to order me LIVE dungeness crab from a website called Farm 2 Market for my first Father's Day. I boiled 2 crabs and oven roasted the other 2. It was all amazing. Check it out in our latest addition to Amuse-Bouche.

06.14.2012 - Pictures of Max and Snoop around the house. In addition, my company celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year and was nice enough to rent out Fenway Park. It is also the Red Sox's 100 year anniversary.

06.12.2012 - Made my pick for NBA Finals champ.  Just the pick on the blog, full post later.

06.10.2012 - A few pictures of Max and Snoop this week, and a lot of pictures of our trip to Maine.

06.07.2012 - Updated the Knicks blog.  I talk about the controversial NBA NO Hornets number one pick and how it may not actually matter.

06.03.2012 - Did not take many pictures this week so went to the archives.  These are pictures taken by Lani and me before, during and shortly after Max's birth.

05.29.2012 - Check out our latest project. It will take a little bit to load. Used the program, MacOSaix, to create it. The program is free. Thanks to engadget for pointing me in that direction. My only advice is to not use so many pictures. I used over 1200 pictures I took and it takes a little while.

05.28.2012 -

 Drew a picture of Max and Snoop to use on the website.  Additionally, all external links will now open in a new window.



05.26.2012 - Max went to a photoshoot with Heidi Hope. See it in the pictures.

05.24.2012 - Trying out pinterest and tumblr.  Click on the buttons on the first page to see what I'm up to.  Let me know if you are on it as well.

05.23.2012 - Another addition to the front page.  Added an external links section, which highlights all the sites that I have been using recently on a regular basis.

05.22.2012 - A new front page has been revealed.  This is more in line with the original vision. A mouse over effect has been added thanks to DynamicDrive.com.

05.21.2012 - New Knicks post.  I discuss offseason workout routines by NBA players. It looks like we are settling into the following schedule for posts.

   Max Pics - once a week on Sundays

   Knicks Posts - once a week, early in the week; during the NBA season

   Amuse-Bouche - whenever we try something new

   Projects - no regular timeline

   the Fringe - once a month, shooting for the third week

This is not enough though.  We will be having more fun, so look for more pages in the future. 

05.20.2012 - Weekly pictures have been uploaded.  We were very busy.  There was a trip to NJ and (Great) Uncle SC and Jonathan visited.  We also password protected the more private sections of our website.  E-mail me at box19@inbox.com if you would like access. 

05.19.2012 - Created a new section to the website called the Fringe.  I review things in my life that others may find interesting. 

Also, an image was added to the Amuse Bouche banner.  This is an example.  Welcome Monsieur Jacques, the French waiter who recommends good food.



05.13.2012 - Our weekly picture upload.  Busy weekend.  Happy first birthday to cousin Christian and happy first mother's day to my beautiful wife, Lani!  Max made his first trip to a beach.  See it all here.

05.12.2012 - Created Amuse-Bouche today.  Played a little more with formatting and tried to make it more visually appealing.  The purpose of this section was to list all the food we have ordered online in the past.  These are great resources for anyone looking to try something new, trying to find a good present (hint hint), or just in the mood for some good food.

Also updated the video page.  Added a couple from our trip to the park this morning.

05.11.2012 - Uncle Mike sent a image that reminded him of Max.  Something to look forward to for the next couple months.

05.10.2012 - New York Knicks  are out of the playoffs.  Better luck next year.

05.07.2012 - New post on the New York Knicks.  My open letter to Carmelo Anthony.

05.06.2012 - A lot of pictures this week.  We went to Skyla's 4th birthday, the Knicks played and Snoop got a haircut. 

05.01.2012 - Update on the New York Knicks.  I discuss how the Knicks are headed into a turn for the worse.

04.28.2012 - A few new picture sets today.  Max spent what seemed like a happy day with his mom.  Check out the pictures.  It seems like he has got a special look just for her.  We also went to Old Sturbridge Village with cousins today.  It was a great time. 

04.27.2012 - I learned something new when building a website thanks to this projects page.  MOUSE over for the effect.  Updated the New York Knicks page as well.  You can see if you agree with my take on the Knicks first round matchup with Miami. 

04.26.2012 - Created a new video page and uploaded a few.  Grandma taught Max the joy of bubbles.

04.24.2012 - A new page has been created for my favorite team, the New York Knicks. New Max pictures have also been added, where he attended his first kid's birthday party.

04.19.2012 - We uploaded grandma's pictures of her last few days with Max.  In addition, a projects page was created to show all the things we will be creating in the upcoming year.