AMUSE-BOUCHE is a sample provided by the chef for a palate starter.  A full definition can be found here.  Literally translated from French, the words mean "mouth amuser".  I like to think of it as "happy mouth". 

To us, it is all the wonderful food that we have ordered online. We are alphabetically listing our favorite sites that provide various delicacies that cannot be found locally.  In this section, we will review these sites, list a few of our favorite orders, and provide recipes if applicable.  We welcome any suggestions or comments.  Feel free to email us at


Click on the links below to see our reviews and examples:

Best place for steaks and various types of meat that will make anyone happy
Two new bottles of wine every month. Not much more to say about that
Listed under "Groceries" in the sidebar, but can be in any category
The thought of ordering caviar was a little scary at first, but well worth it
Only ordered canned seafood so far, but there are many delicacies that look enticing
Always looking for Chinese snacks I enjoyed when I visited Taiwan
Truffles! Truffles! Truffles!
NO LINK. Haven't tried yet, but meaning to