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We went to Disney in November and decided to buy a Vinylmation to commemorate's first year. The MaLaJaS Vinylmation, pictured below, contains all aspects of the website. The pictures are divided into the front pictures and the back pictures. Click on the thumbnails around the main pictures for a more detailed view. There is a working QR code that will get you to the website along with a few hidden mickeys and one hidden R2!

Supposed to be Lani and me
Max and Snoop
Talking about
The rest of the family
Tribute to the guys and gal of the K-Gang
The bear from our Projects page
The hidden camera
The Fringe page
The video camera
Where Max comes from: Italy, U.S. and Taiwan

All the things that Max likes
The Updates page
QR code to get you to our site
The 2012 MLJS Chou Stamp