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Act 1.1.1 @ 01:37 - LaVine's first of the contest. The buzz begins

Act 1.1.2 @ 02:32 - Drummond reacts to LaVine's dunk. This is a fellow participant

Intermission - Drummond's windmill from steve nash soccer pass. Leave it if you're in a hurry, but I love the fact that Steve Nash is still around. Also, props to whoever got Tracy McGrady. He is goign to be a great NBA elder statesman.

Kenny and Chucks running commentary through this is amazing. Kenny [with Reggie Miller] breaks the dunks into a science. Between the two of them, they see everything in the dunks the first time. Beginning at 06:57 the TV crew talks about watching bad teams (like the Denver Nuggets). Kenny and Reggie say that's their job and Chuck says he refuses to watch bad teams. Hilarity ensues.

07:09, Reggie remembers where Chuck went to college (Auburn) and releases a delicate burn. Amazing that they know where each other went to school, 25+ years ago. And delivered as the lead up into a missed dunk. Nicely done.

08:36 - 09:09 Amazing banter between Kenny and Chuck.

Act 2.1.1 @ 10:11 - Gordon makes you realize there's a contest. LaVine is not just allowed to walk away with the trophy.

Act 2.1.2 @ 10:17 - Reactions to that dunk are hilarious. The speculation after every dunk before the scores get handed out begin here and yes, the mascot was standing on a hoverboard.

Act 2.1.3 @ 10:36 - Also begins the live review (oxymoron?) of the dunk. The inflection in Kenny's voice is priceless as he watches the dunk for the second time. The team begins to realize that this Gordon kid is for real and you can feel the excitement mounting.

Act 2.1.4 @ 10:59 - This says it all, and one of the best parts of the dunk contest, the reactions. I was hooked when I heard the term "fart smell face" The reaction to the dunk leaves the other contestants looking like they just saw a 10 car pile up on the freeway

Act 2.1.5 @ 11.21 - Shaq messes up big time

Act 2.1.6 @ 11.26 - The TV crew begin speculating why.

Act 3.1.1 @ 12:30 - Commentary here is great for LaVine's second dunk.

Act 3.1.2 @ 13:14 - Dikembe's response to the the dunk. I love Dikembe

Act 3.1.3 @ 13:30 - Shaq makes up for his earlier mistake (sort of)

Act 4.1.1 @ 16.21 - Championship Round 1, Gordon is up. Kenny knows something special is coming...

Act 4.1.2 @ 16.27 - Maybe the best dunk of the night. It gets better with every viewing. Shaq has no question this time. It is always an amazing dunk when the dunker himself has to explain what he did

Act 4.1.3 @ 17:33 - Dikembe's reaction again. This guy is an icon

Act 5.1.1 @ 17:42 - LaVine's counter. Solid

Act 6.1.1 @ 19:11 - Two dunks of the night!

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