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K(nicksametrics)-Gang and the Lin-derella Season

Quick post to point everyone to the Knicksametrics Gang (or K-Gang) page.  This lists all the current standings for our contest.  After the first 2 games, only Beau G remains undefeated.

Knicks have been very impressive these last two games, beating the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers by a combined 34 points.  The defense has been strong and Carmelo is leading by example.  As I had posted in May, Carmelo may be poised to take the MVP this season.  This is am uphill battle because LeBron and Kevin Durant will be maintaining their great games, and there will be other contenders to the throne. 

Speaking of contenders, can the Rockets be good this year?  I like Harden and Lin in the backcourt, along with Omer Asik playing defense and grabbing rebounds.  In fact, they are one of the five teams that I have chosen for my NBA League Pass Choice because I am expecting an exciting season with them.  I also expect Daryl Morey, GM of the Rockets, to make another big trade before the deadline.  They will have a "Lin-derella" season but will end up losing in the first round of the playoffs. 

I also want to thank Iman Shumpert for bringing the 80s back.

I have never been this into the first few games of a new season before.  This should be fun.

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