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Our second KMOTM or K-Man of the Month is John T.  He is a co-honoree along with Beau. At the time of selection Beau was third and John was fourth in the standings. As you can see, John is a man of few words. Rather than my comments / answers to John's answers as I had done with Justin, I will be interpreting what John really meant to say.  The format is as follows:  question, followed by John's answers (underlined), followed by my snarky comments / interpretation (italicized).




1. Although less involved than the others of this group, are there any general rules you follow or tips you can give for betting against the spread or betting in general?
I think about each answer very carefully, considering all my options and weighing them against each other.

2. Does the spread matter to you at all?
Again, each option is weighed against each other. In an instant, I consider the Knicks schedule, the opponents schedule, the defensive and offensive ratings of each team, the injury report and what the universe is saying about the game at that time. Then I make a very carefully thought out selection.

3. What are your favorite teams in sports? Any predictions in sports for the upcoming year?
Mets. They'll suck.
Mets. They really suck.

4. Any predictions outside of sports for the upcoming year? (Mayan apocalypse?)
I hope the best for all and have a very positive outlook for the upcoming year and the years to come. I hope the current rash of PED scandals do not come out and taint the wonderful sport of basketball. Although I do not predict any major developments in the upcoming year, I believe society as a whole marches towards greatness one step at a time.

5. Have you gambled on sports before?
Gambling is an interesting human condition. I believe it to cause sickness in some and joy in others. I have chosen to self-select out of this particular activity, deciding to be an observer instead.

6. Any new year's resolutions, besides being number 1 K-Man?
I do not make resolutions as I have resolved to make myself better every single day. Every day is another adventure into greatness.

7. A related question, would it feel any better if you beat Jason? Even if he is beating you right now.
Beating someone is a weird statement to me. Do I enjoy competition and the comradery that comes of things like this? Of course I do. But I do not set out to beat anyone specifically. If it is a product of me choosing the right team at the right time, so be it.

8. When do you generally start paying attention to the NBA?
Although basketball and the NBA is not my favorite pasttime, I do acknowledge and accept it as a part of our society. I will most likely never be that interested in bouncing an orange ball into a net, but I am happy and proud to be a member of the K-Gang.