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Our first KMOTM or K-Member of the Month in the 2013-14 season is Justin Y.  He was in a three way tie for the November record at 10-4 but he was the sentimental favorite because he also broke out in the first month last year.  The format is as follows:  question, followed by Justin's answers (underlined), followed by my snarky comments (italicized).





Posted 12.27.2013

1. How much turkey do you think you ate over Thanksgiving?

2 servings at dinner but I also had ham, stuffing, mash potatoes and tons of other sides for a week. call it a pound, no mas

2. What do you think of the NBA season so far?

so so the knicks and nets are like carmelo says " a laughingstock" college hoops looks more interesting , with freshmen like parker, wiggins and randle. carmelo to houston?

3. What do you think of the Knicks this season so far?

refer to question #2 Jason Kidd should stick to playing, not coaching, spilling drinks and getting DUIS. He is turrible, like barkley says.

4. How do you feel you'll do this year in the K-Gang?

first to worst, thats my history. I have the most talent, but I have the least luck.

5. Give me a bold prediction for this year (NBA, Knicks, current events, anything)

The Mariners make the american league playoffs with cano, granderson hits 30 HR's in citifield seahawks over the broncos in the superbowl. patrick ewing is the next Knicks head coach (there's bold for you) Jon H sold his orange chair for a wnba jersey  




**Below was KMOTM Q&A for the 2012-2013 season

Our first KMOTM or K-Man of the Month is Justin Y.  Although a NETS fan, his 9 game win streak and one game lead for the month of November is a well deserved KMOTM.  With the honor of KMOTM, he gets a web page and has to answer a few questions.  This will give everyone a get to know you better feel and possibly help others with their picks.  The format is as follows:  question, followed by Justin's answers (underlined), followed by my snarky comments (italicized).


1.  What is your strategy?  Do you have any method you can share with the group to help them improve?
I factor in whether or not they are home or away.  I also factor in the opponents lineup and depth.  I factor in whether or not they played the night before.

2.  Do you account for the spread or do you just consider it straight up?
Always account for the spread. 
3.  Are you gunning for anyone specifically?  Besides me? 
Right now, just you, maybe Jon H.  I think I remember him from Wyckoff summers
Ditto from my end
4.  How did you get into basketball?  And how did the Nets become your favorite team? 
I liked playing early on, especially during the Ramapo days.  The Nets were local, and I enjoyed watching Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman, Kenny Anderson, Jayson Williams (before he was a murderer), Kerry Kittles, Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson. 
Justin was one of the guys from my beginning.  We grinded it out on the playground and watched many a game together. 
5.  Do you have a favorite all-time player?  Who is your current favorite players? 
I don't have a fav all time player, but I'll give you 5:  Scottie Pippen (sorry), Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose
Interestingly enough, Justin's favorites are not a far cry from how I described him on the contest page.  What is striking to me is that all these players were more than one dimensional players and a signature characteristic is that they all worked really hard (except for maybe Rondo, not too sure about his work ethic. his being a headcase stands out to me).  Additionally, they are all better than their position at rebounds.  One note about Justin that I forgot to write in his description was that he was probably one of the most underrated outside shooters in our little group.  2nd to him was Andy.  Most overrated was a tie between Kenichi and me. 
6.  Have you gambled before? 
How do you think I'm in 1st place?
Not suprising at all.  Although we did not partake in gambling or fantasy sports in high school so I have no basis for this, but if you told me that Justin blew 2 grand in a weekend bender betting on sports and/or he is the "rain man of fantasy sports", I would believe you.

7.  Do you normally pay attention to the NBA this early in the season? 
Not really, only the local teams, inlcuding the celtics.
8.  Any predictions for the NBA this season?  Any hopes?  Any predictions for yourself with the K-Gang? 
Knicks Celtics Nets going deep in the playoffs, I think I'll be near the top all season long.  I think Memphis vs. Miami in the finals this year.
As good a prediction as any.  Although, he is a NETs fan.  Goal for this season is that I am going to bully/shame at least 2 people in the K-Gang to make sure that he is not the leader.