Pictures below are in preference order and link to the company's website.  Check back for new items we order.

Farm 2 Market provides an array of live seafood delivered to your door. Let me repeat that, the seafood is LIVE. Even living on the coast in a city like Boston, you would be hard pressed to find quality live seafood. This site delivers live seafood to your door from the Pacific. Lani was nice enough to order us dungeness crab. If you do not know what dungeness crab is, you are missing out. This is by far the juiciest and sweetest specimen in the crab family. On top of that, these are 1.5 - 2 pound monsters. I found two recipes to prepare the crab and they are equally tasty, depending on your mood. On top of that, their customer service was outstanding. They explained every step of the ordering process and what to expect from ordering live crabs. In addition, they guaranteed freshness and would resend if we felt that the original package was not up to par. Do yourself a favor and check out this site now.


dungeness crab
oven roasted