Top 5 Brands for the Home

This topic is of much discussion and analysis for us.  It is also near and dear to our hearts because these are the organs that keep our home going. 


1. Wolf Oven

2. Samsung TV

3. Sub-zero Refrigerators

4. WeMo Home Automation

5. Apple Computers


Top 5 Shows That Lasted Only One Season

Recently watched a few episodes of a Firefly marathon, which got us thinking...

1. Mixology

2. Firefly

3. Out of Practice

4. Profit

5. My So Called Life


Top 5 Cuisines

Thanks to FiveThirtyEight.com's cuisine battle, we decided to have a scaled down version of it amongst ourselves.  This was interesting as the cuisines I thought I would pick at the top did not end up there.  But when we put the scores together, the list ended up the way I thought it would anyway.

1.  Italian

2.  Korean

3.  Mexican

4.  French

5.  New England Seafood



Top 5 Ingredients

Making and consuming good food has increasingly become a larger part of our lives.  And by "good", we mean both good for you and good tasting. 

1. Kosher Salt

2. Fresh White Truffle

3. Wagyu Ribeye

4. Fresh Basil

5. Fresh Garlic


Top 5 Sports Idols

Sports have been a major part of our lives, dating all the way back to childhood.  Here is a list of the top 5 influences that have shaped our sports worldview. 


1. Michael Jordan

2. Tiger Woods

3. Jack Nicklaus

4. Mickey Mantle

5. Bo Jackson