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Our KMOTM or K-Man of the Month for January is Jon H.  He had quite a turnaround in January, posting a 10-3 record, the second highest of any person in a month. Jon's 10 wins was much better han the 6.6 average the K-Gang had for the month of January.  The format is as follows:  question, followed by Jon's answers (underlined), followed by my snarky comments (italicized).




1. You went from a 9-6 record in Nov, to a record of 3-12 in December. Then you bounced back and recorded a 10-3 record, and you are now tied for 3rd in the standings. Any changes to your strategy over the course of the past few months that you can share with the group?
Yeah! I had to win this month after getting called out in the december update! Melo's suspension also cost me a game cause I wanted to switch picks. I started to look at three things besides the spread. Travel (I picked the knicks over spurs cause spurs were at 2nd of a back to back and traveled a lot prior), streaks (particularly bounce backs from back to back losses), x factor (no way that knicks were going to lose again to boston after the melodrama).
Wow, a lot of thought put into the analysis and yet it probably does not take that much time. The streaks analysis was something that I have not really thought about. Will have to think about how I would want to incorporate that.

2. Do you account for the spread or do you just consider it straight up?
I try to guess who I think will win...then if the spread is close to double digits, I take a closer look cause I don't like to pick 10 point favorites. I got a lucky start to January cause I thought the knicks would beat portland after a good rest, but I didn't think they would win by double digits, knicks ended up losing outright.
Sound advice.

3. Any specific targets you have set for yourself with the K-Gang?
I wouldn't mind winning...hopefully I can keep this up as the points increase. At the very least, I want to pick better than 50%.
With the January Jon had, he's definitely a contender.

4. How did you get into basketball?
Probably a combination of Jason and Eddie watching the games during the Ewing era and Slam Dunk comics. I was never much of a good player, but I liked shooting and was alright at it when defense didn't play a part. So I always enjoyed playing even though I wasn't a good runner, couldn't jump high and didn't have enough muscle to get rebounds. As long as I got to shoot every now and then, I had a good time.
One of the best parts of my youth was the discovery of basketball and subsequently, the Knicks. Rooting for them with my friends and family is one of the happier parts of it and Jon was a large part of that. The best part of this story is that Jon got his grandmother into it. There is nothing better than watching an 80 year old woman slap her knee in anger because one of the players just blew a layup.

5. Do you have a favorite all-time player? Who are your current favorite players?
I liked Hubert Davis and Charles Oakley. I always wanted to shoot like Hubert Davis, but I settled for only having Oakley's range, I always practiced the between foul line and top of the circle shots that Oakley always drained. I like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose now. Quiet superstars that just work hard and fly under the radar even though they have so much talent.
Interesting, did not know Hubert was on the list. One of the best pure shooters ever.

6. Have you bet on sports before?
I have, usually just riding a friend's bet on the Giants for $10-50. One time, I almost hit a 4 game parlay with over/unders. I put $10 and would have won more than $1K if the hornets beat the spread. I think they only lost it by a bucket.
That is pretty cool. I think once we get better, we should invest our life savings into betting on sports. That is always a good idea.

7. How do you feel the season has gone so far? Overall and for the Knicks?
I think this season has been exciting even though I've watched fewer games than I would have liked. It's kinda fun watching LA implode early in the season and I'm hoping to watch the clippers live at some point. Happy for the Knicks, even though I'm removed from the NY buzz.
Ditto on the LA Lakers. Although I am a little torn because I feel bad for Nash.

8. Any predictions for the upcoming second half of the season? Any playoff predictions?
I stand by my call for the Knicks being on top of the East at some point in february, but overall I think they finish 2nd. They'll unfortunately lose to the Heat, who will face either the spurs or okc. I think OKC gets revenge, but the heat beats the spurs. Also, this is a big stretch, I think the lakers season will go 24-25 wins and 11-12 losses the rest of the way to finish at 44-45 wins. It'll come down to the last game of the season against houston, winner takes the 8th spot. I can't see David Stern letting the lakers miss the playoffs.
I agree, the Knicks will be battling for the 1 or 2 spot. Still not sure if they can beat the Heat, but right now I would say it's either them or Indiana.

9. Anything else you want to say?
Just wanted to thank Jason for running this whole thing. It's fun getting emails about honey nut cheerios and fresh prince style hair. It's a bunch of work that he doesn't really have to do, but I'm glad he does cause I enjoy it since it helps keep me up to date on the sport.
This was unsolicited but appreciated. I have had a good time this year as well and am enjoying the participation. It seems like it will only get more interesting as football and March Madness ends and the playoffs approach. Also, really interested in seeing some major moves come the Feb. 21 trade deadline. I'm looking at you, Houston!