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Our second KMOTM or K-Man of the Month is Beau.  He is a co-honoree along with John T. At the time of selection Beau was third and John was fourth in the standings. Went to school with Beau and played with him a few times. He is an animal down low and dons the rec specs better than anyone I know. Beau's answers in red and my comments are in italics.






1.  Although less involved than the others of this group, are there any general rules you follow or tips you can give for betting against the spread or betting in general?  Everything is how i feel at the moment, how I see players are doing on either team - not just stats but how they contribute to the team as a whole, and my memories of being an 8th grade all star who failed to grow any bigger freshman year of high school (i'm not still bitter, I swear).  No rhyme or reason.    Ah, if we could only go back in time and make ourselves grow 4-6 more inches. We could have been the starting 2 and 3 on the Knicks in our 15th season. With 2 championships of course.

2.  Does the spread matter to you at all? Not particularly, though sometimes I like to analyze player to player match-ups to see if the spread numbers are accurate for teams with players I like.  Interesting take. I'll have to look at this more closely to see if it works.

3.  What are your favorite teams in sports?  Any predictions in sports for the upcoming year?  I actually only enjoy watching basketball - my favorite team is the Knicks because they are who I grew up with.  However, I also like the Red Sox because I like to antagonize my Yankee loving brothers and dad.  I think actually I like players, rather than entire teams, specifically people who contribute defensively which I feel is sorely lacking in professional basketball.      I am transitioning more towards that as well. Sticking with a team like the Knicks for 10+ years in futility is a waste of time.

4.  Any predictions outside of sports for the upcoming year?  (Mayan apocalypse?)  Ke$ha's reality TV show on VH1 will be a trainwreck.  

5.  Have you gambled on sports before?  Yes, but nothing serious, usually boxes at the superbowl etc.  My vice is champagne and loose women.  And by champagne and loose women I mean coke in the can and dudes pretending to be chicks in MMO's.

6.  Any new year's resolutions, besides being number 1 K-Man? I've resolved to not kid myself about my weight loss resolutions.  Instead, I now enjoy every meal and please my tummy.   Wise words. Maybe something I should adopt.

7.  A related question, would it feel any better if you beat Jason?  Even if he is beating you right now.  Nah, I only get satisfaction out of competition when people are douchebags about trash talking, not when it's friendly banter (or when a girl is watching, so I can impress them with my incredible skill).  Since Jason is always a true gentleman in every sense of the word, this is never an issue.

8.  When do you generally start paying attention to the NBA?  Start of the season, lag in the middle, then just as people are gearing up for the playoffs.     Good luck on the season.